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Garage Door Service North Kansas City –  Garage Door Repairs & Garage Door Maintenance


Broken Garage Door Spring? If so, call the professionals at Right Track Garage Door today. Our expert technicians can replace a broken spring efficiently while offering some of the most affordable rates in the Kansas City area. A broken spring is something that needs to be fixed right away if you want to be able to use your garage door. Call Today.

How do you know if the contractor in your garage has installed the correct size springs on your garage door? Just because you have an electric garage door opener doesn’t mean your garage door is balanced correctly, or more importantly even safe.  Be sure you have the correct springs and be sure they come with a warranty.

Broken garage door spring in need of repair


Not all garage door springs are created equally!

Things to be aware of:
  1. If you can lift a gallon of milk, you should be able to lift your garage door, even a double-wide garage door.
  2. Your garage door, when lifted by hand should FLOAT in any position from 1-3.5 feet from the ground.
  3. Your garage door should not come crashing to the ground like a sack of bricks.
  4. Your garage door should not raise up in the air without being lifted by you or your electric door opener.
  5. Any reputable garage door company should offer a 3-5 year warranty on any spring replacement.


Springs tensioning the home garage door mechanism, visible disconnection of the electric drive and and spring protectionIf your garage door is difficult to open, or difficult to close (BY HAND) most likely your springs are wrong, AND NOT SAFE!! It is very common for some garage door companies out here to just put any size spring on your garage door, then simply re-attach your electric door lift system without giving it a second thought. But you would never know it was the incorrect size until a spring breaks or your opener burns out from lifting an incorrectly balanced garage door.  Trust the professionals at Right Track Garage Door to carefully gauge the correct size springs for your overhead door system and educate you on how your system works.
A broken garage door can pose a lot of problems; it can expose your car and home to the harsh effect of weather conditions of Kansas City and also act as a portal for thefts. If your garage door is compromised or broken, please call the professionals at Right Track Garage Door to handle the situation.  We are available to take your call days, nights and weekends.

By dialing 816-559-8901 or filling out our online request form, our skilled mechanics and technicians will be at your doorstep to get your door working again.

We service All Major Brands:

We have years of experience installing and servicing overhead garage doors and openers for homeowners in Kansas City. We service and repair most garage door brands.  Contact us today and have us restore your garage door to perfect working condition.

We Fix Garage Doors Right.

All technicians that we send are certified. We never let subcontractors or inexperienced employees work at your home.  

At Right Track Garage Door, we are fully dedicated to providing quality service, parts and products.  Only a certified technician would be able to clearly understand the situation and provide clear answers to any questions you may have.  We assure that our technicians work quickly to solve your problem, the right way, the first time. We get your garage back on the “right track.”

Our technicians perform a thorough Safety check prior to making recommendations for your garage door. We recommend only what you need and clearly review your options.   We strive to deliver the best ‘best bang for the buck’ in the Kansas City area.

Quality Parts / Superior Hardware

We offer the best warranty in the business, since we use only the finest quality garage door parts. 


Give the professionals at Right Track Garage Door a call now at 816-559-8901 or 913-534-8166,  or fill out our online request form.

We want to hear from you!

Call us now at 816-559-8901 or 913-534-8166 for a quicker response or fill out our form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

  • Greg C.
    Used them 5 years ago and yesterday for two different doors. Same day, as mine was a short job. Excellent all the way around service, from responsiveness, professionalism on phone and in person, efficient, very reasonably priced, clean, two year warranty on repeated tension spring. I'll have them out again once prices hopefully drop for 3 complete new doors. No hesitation, these guys are doing that job.
    Greg C.
    Google Review
  • Pam
    Highly recommend Right Track. Very easy to schedule same day service online. Knowledgeable professionals came on time. Quickly diagnosed the problem and were able to replace the needed logic board in my Lift-Master unit. Maintenance that was needed on an additional door was completed efficiently. Will recommend them to contacts. Only call I will make in the future is to Right Track.
  • Alexey S.
    I found RightTrack through a DIMBY offer. They came out to do a garage tune up, but a part on my garage failed while they were working on it. They came back after ordering the part and fixed it in a timely manner without charging me anything extra for it. I would definitely recommend them.
    Alexey S.
  • Ryan R.
    Highly recommend. Tom replaced four 35+ year-old extension springs, which made a surprising difference in our doors - they sound like new garage doors! He also included new wires and pulleys (so I won't have to manually "correct" the wires every week or so), showed how the original doors had been installed incorrectly, and explained what to watch for moving forward. Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and reasonably priced.
    Ryan R.
    Google Review
  • Mandi S.
    So impressed with this garage door company - reliable, honest, and dependable. Thomas was great and very personable. My garage door froze to the ground on a Sunday and broke off the tracks. He came out the same day to get it fixed. Can’t recommend enough.
    Mandi S.
    Google Review
  • Harold G.
    I had a great honest conversation with this company! They pointed me in the right direction, honest about their prices, and very friendly and professional! I highly recommend giving them a call!
    Harold G.
    Google Review
  • Kevin J.
    Right Track Door was recommended to me by a friend to fix a damaged garage door. Tom was extremely helpful and only tried to sell me what I needed, not what would make more money. He got my doors functioning with a temporary fix, but when it came time to replace them I knew who I was calling. Great communication from beginning to end. Our new doors look fantastic, and the garage is comfortable again, even in single digit weather.
    Kevin J.
    Google Review
  • Lucas T.
    The best customer service I've encountered out of home repair services. Everyone I spoke to was poilte and went above and beyond to completely replace our garage door. Even going out of their way early in the morning to help get the old door shut. Will definitely use again and refer as often as I can!
    Lucas T.
    Google Review
  • Allison T.
    Our garage door wasn't working right. Righ Track had fixed it once before so we called them. When the repairman got here he realized one of the tracks had just popped out of place. He spent less than 5 minutes getting it back into place and didn't even charge us anything. Said he had to drive by to go to the bank anyway. They did a great job when they fixed it before too. 5 stars; HIGHLY recommend this service.
    Allison T.
    Google Review
  • Art K.
    I was very pleased with Right Track Door. They were very professional and took the time to go through all the options with me. I needed a new garage door and had received quotes from several companies. I went with them because they recommended a higher quality door than I was originally looking at that was the same price as the other lower quality doors the other companies were quoting. They installed it and did a great job. I was referred to Right Track by a friend and would recommend them to others.
    Art K.

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